Paul’s interest in world politics, especially in the area of U.S. foreign policy, started early on in his academic pursuits. While attending the Radboud University Nijmegen, for his BA and MA degrees in North American Studies, he first came into contact with the ideas and ideologies that frame policy decisions. His enthusiasm awakened, he fitted his curriculum around this specialization. He wrote his MA thesis on the feasibility of ethical realism as practiced by President Obama.

Having been an avid horror story fan for most of his life, he also writes his own when his schedule permits, which is not as often as he would like. Also being his own worst critic, he deems none of his work publishable yet. Expect some on this site when he finally gets round to editing it to his satisfaction.

Paul has recently been involved as bass guitarist with the Medische Faculteits Vereniging Nijmegen. They performed the musical Dancing Queen! in June 2015, and will perform La Vie Boheme in the summer of 2016. Paul is also looking for new projects to get involved in.

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